Order  of  the  Temple  of   Jerusalem  -  Knights T emplars

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His Eminence, Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler was the Patron of the Order of the Temple of  Jerusalem  -  Knights Templars until his death. He has been succeeded by His Eminence Cardinal J Zen in Hong Kong as the Patron of the Order. 

His Eminence Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler was a great advocate and a traditionalist, he was a strong supporter of the Tridentine Mass

Cardinal Stickler consistently defended the position that the Tridentine Mass was never forbidden or suppressed. He believed that the Mass of Paul VI contradicted the true wishes of the Second Vatican Council,( A book labelled These Last Days Ministries, Inc. Cardinal Alfons Stickler on the Changes in the Mass and Vatican II 1997) and told the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales that its movement "has full legitimacy in the Church". This was reconfirmed in an address by H.E. Cardinal Alfons Stickler, 20 June 1992. Which can be read here.

On 20 May 1995, Stickler stated that in 1986 a commission of nine cardinals (Stickler, Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict XVI), Mayer, Oddi, Casaroli, Gantin, Innocenti, Palazzini, and Tomko) appointed by Pope John Paul II unanimously gave a negative answer to the question "Did Pope Paul VI or any other competent authority legally forbid the widespread celebration of the Tridentine Mass in the present day?" and to the question "Can any bishop forbid any priest in good standing from celebrating the Tridentine Mass?" He said that eight of the nine were in favour of drawing up a general permission declaring that everyone could choose the old form of the Mass as well as the new.This was supported by John Vennari: Traditional Mass Never Forbidden by echoeing St. Pius V which solemnly proclaimed that the Latin Tridentine Mass could never be forbidden.